Horeca Industry Group

 The result of prestigious features:

 Service, +25 years of experience and knowledge, reliable quality in HORECA materials.


 It is the result of a long journey, with effort, perseverance and under the strict control of an unprecedented quality.

 All our products are designed to meet all European standards and offer a solution from individual tailor-made needs to the realization of the largest projects.

A great team of professionals working every moment to meet all your expectations and win your trust, from our own great

brand HIG that guarantees the best quality, reliability and response.


HIG is our own European manufacturer, we also manufacture everything to size

All HIG products are in INOX 18/10 - AISI 304 + All HIG Appliances are always CE approved


We are growing with an eye to the future, SERVICE and warranty to our customers is number 1


HIG Cataloog 24 HOT NEW 2 Pdf
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HIG Cataloog 24 Cold 01 Pdf
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HIG Accessiores 24 Pdf
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HIG Pujadas Cataloog 1 4 Pdf
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HIG Pujadas Cataloog 5 10 Pdf
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HIG Pujadas Cataloog 11 13 Pdf
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HIG Pujadas Cataloog 14 16 Pdf
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Is different, constantly innovative, stands for very high quality,

custom-made INOX 18/10 and with unprecedented possibilities!!